"A rising tide lifts all boats." - JFK


I'm Caitlin. I'm a professional dancer turned certified nutrition coach. You might call me a fitness junkie, travel fanatic, and a HUGE foodie. I'm learning to live and love every day through these areas, and I wouldn't have it any other way! I share wellness tips, recipes, and other inspiration here; as well as offer professional services. Everyone deserves to feel their best every day by living a nourished life physically, mentally, and spiritually.
So why the name "well salted"? Good question!
Truth: I loooooove salt. Probably too much to be honest. So much so that my best friend and college roommate used to say that salt was consistently the center piece on our table... always scattered around surfaces because of me (insert cover the eyes emoji.)
But then I realized! 
Salt exists in the kitchen in the delicious and nutritious foods we make, it exists in our sweat when we get a great workout, and hopefully you get to travel over the beautiful salty oceans to enrich your soul. So perhaps we all just need a life that is

eat well, 

stress less 

move more,

& love more.


"Engage with the world with a sense of worthiness."  -- BRENE BROWN

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"You cannot show up for those you love,

until you fully show up for yourself. "                                           


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with the process of

becoming the very BEST version of yourself.